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PC problems don't end with Redford's resignation

August 06, 2014

Calgary - The problems in the PC Party don’t end with the resignation of Alison Redford and nothing will change so long as they PC Party’s dynasty continues, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The PC Party has tried to pin all the blame for years of mismanagement on Alison Redford, but it defies logic to think that not one person in her caucus or cabinet knew about the problems in her government,” said Clark.

“Doug Horner knew about the misuse of government resources,” said Clark. “As Minister of Finance and Treasury Board President he was solely responsible for the use of aircraft and did not put a stop to it.”

Today’s letter from PC president Jim McCormick is yet another display of the PC Party’s complete lack of respect for the people of Alberta.

“We are smarter than that, Mr. McCormick” said Clark. “Ms. Redford didn’t create the decades old party culture of entitlement and deep disrespect for Albertans that allowed her to do the things that she did.”

“Despite Alison Redford’s shortcomings as Premier and MLA, we thank Ms. Redford for her service to Albertans,” said Clark. “It is a difficult job that requires enormous personal sacrifice. We hope she is now able to reconnect with her family and move forward with her life and career outside of politics.”

Clark said the evidence is clear that the 43 year-old PC dynasty is the problem, not just one person. “It is this PC cabinet that approved a pay raise for senior bureaucrats despite a promise not to, and it is this group of PC MLAs that continues to dither while Albertans wait for schools to be built and demand meaningful action on health care and the environment,” said Clark. “Entitlement hasn’t been magically flushed away when it’s all the same players in the room.”

With the auditor General’s report due to be released tomorrow the PC Party is attempting to deflect all responsibility, and all of the frustration of Albertans away from them and toward one person.

“It’s time to restore honour to government in Alberta. This can’t and clearly won’t be done by a tired, old and entitled PC Party,” said Clark. "The PC party wants us to believe it is the responsibility of one person."

“Albertans will not be fooled.”


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