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Posted on by James Teterenko

This week we profile four more amazing Albertans, including our leader and our newest official candidate!

As the provincial election continues to draw nearer, the Alberta Party continues to attract great candidates across the province.  This week, we profile four more exceptional Alberta Party candidates.  


Glenn Taylor (West Yellowhead), Leader

As an outdoorsmen, Glenn appreciates the natural wonder that Alberta has to offer. As a former Mayor, he also understands the need to balance conservation with robust economic growth.

Born into a military family, Glenn is an avid outdoorsman who takes in all that Alberta's outdoors has to offer, including camping, skiing in the Rockies, quadding in the foothills, and fishing in Alberta's lakes and rivers. He is the former Mayor of Hinton, not to mention that he served as Vice-President for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and chaired their Municipal Governance Committee, as well as various other provincial boards dealing with both urban and rural affairs. It's this experience, in both his public life and outdoor activities, that provide Glenn with a unique perspective on how to best create economic growth while preserving the natural beauty which has blessed our province.

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John Hudson (Edmonton-McClung)

An active member in the Edmonton arts community, John understands the importance that the arts have in being an economic driver for the province.

As the current chair of the Edmonton Arts Council and the Executive Director of the Varscona Theatre, John knows the significance that arts have in creating a vibrant community. He has also been a small business owner for 20 years, and was invited to participate on the Edmonton Business Advisory Committee to help create a comprehensive economic development strategy for the city. John is excited to show the residents of Edmonton-McClung his commitment to them and wants to help build a vibrant and diverse province. 

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MidgeLambert.jpegMidge Lambert (Battle River-Wainwright)

Our newest candidate and a passionate conservationist, Midge has long advocated for change in Alberta politics. It's this desire for change that led her to be one of the founding members of the renewed Alberta Party.

A mother, a grandmother, a retired small business owner and a landowner living in the beautiful Battle River valley in east central Alberta, Midge has always been an advocate for the preservation of Alberta's most pristine wilderness. Having worked in every corner of the province, she knows of the pressure many communities are facing in regards to balancing economic growth with environmental preservation. This is what led her to be one of the founding members of the renewed Alberta Party just over two years ago. She also sits on the Board of the Battle River Watershed Alliance, and is the President of the Kelsey Drama Club. It is this passion for change and advocacy on behalf of her community members that Midge plans to offer the constituents of Battle River-Wainwright.

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Chinwe Okelu (Edmonton-Ellerslie)Dons-Picture6-244x300.jpeg

As a community volunteer and leader for over 25 years, Chinwe knows that listening is an important aspect of leadership.

A 35 year resident of Edmonton, and a community volunteer for over 25 years, Chinwe is a passionate and devoted community leader. He has been president of the Knottwood Community League and served on a number of City of Edmonton volunteer boards. Chinwe knows that being a community leader means listening to the people who live in that community. What Chinwe offers the citizens of Edmonton-Ellersie is perhaps best summed up by his tag line: "Together we can make a difference".

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Help build your Electoral Division

We have over 50 active constituency associations and more are forming every month.  We're looking for qualified candidates across the province. If we don't yet have a candidate for your local Electoral Division, please volunteer today to help us build the Alberta Party in your area.

What can the Alberta Party do with just $50

The Alberta Party needs your help this week!  Since we're promoting our party through grassroots word-of-mouth techniques, utilizing the passion of our supporters on the ground, it's amazing how far your money can go.  Read the recent blog post from Alberta Party President Brian Thiessen to learn what the Alberta Party can do with just $50.  Please consider making a donation to support the party's election preparations - any amount that you can afford from $5 to $1,000 will be gratefully accepted!  

Our candidates also need your financial support to run successful local campaigns.  Please also consider making a donation to your nearest candidate this week.

Thank you for your support!

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