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Longstanding Alberta Party policy calls for term limit for Premier

August 21, 2014

The Alberta Party has had a term limit policy on the books since 2011 and believes renewal is the heart of democracy.

“Our members passed a 10 year term limit for the Premier well before we become government,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “Jim Prentice’s proposal is a cynical attempt to extend a failing dynasty.”

Clark said the policy does not extend to other MLAs. “The only people who should decide how long an MLA serves are the people who elect them,” said Clark.

Clark addressed questions about the constitutionality of term limits in Canada. “It is an open question whether term limits would pass a challenge to Section 3 of the Constitution,” said Clark. “Whether it is or not, an Alberta Party Premier would be elected on a promise to voters not to exceed a 10 year term.”

“Albertans are crying out for democratic renewal,” said Clark. “Alberta needs to move into a natural cycle of democracy by changing governments more than once every 40 years.

“Limiting the Premier’s term to 10 years is a good start.”


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