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The Alberta Party is currently reviewing a number of our policies, including those related to the economy.

Albertans care deeply about their economy. For too long, Alberta’s economy has been subjected to the unpredictable whims of the oil & gas sector, leaving vulnerable Albertans helpless to the boom and bust cycles that have become entrenched in our province’s history. The oil and gas sector is Alberta’s greatest economic resource, and with proper planning and smart savings, we will be able to adequately manage the cycles and benefit from our natural resources properly.

The Alberta Party envisions a financial climate in Alberta that benefits every citizen through consultative and responsive budgets, a thriving energy sector, smart savings, and a diverse and thriving economy. We’ve identified three priority areas, and have included several common sense and tangible actions that can be taken to realize this vision.

Our Four Priorities

Priority #1

Broaden our economic base through a culture 
of entrepreneurs and new business start-ups

Priority #2 Realizing the Full Potential of our Resource Based Economy
Priority #3 Smart Fiscal Planning and Balanced Budgets
Priority #4 Making Alberta a Great Place to Live and Work


Read more about the Alberta Party’s Economic Policy (PDF)

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