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Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark calls for Jim Prentice to Contest Calgary Elbow By-Election

September 07, 2014

In the interest of saving Alberta taxpayers the undue expense of a needless by-election, Alberta Party leader and Calgary Elbow candidate Greg Clark today called for newly selected PC party leader Jim Prentice to contest the Calgary Elbow by-election.


“Jim Prentice needs a seat,” said Clark, “and there is an open seat in Calgary Elbow. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for a needless by-election when there is already an open seat?”


A by-election will cost over $100,000. It appears Jim Prentice doesn’t just want to incur that cost for one by-election; he wants Alberta taxpayers to be on the hook for several.


“The PC government didn’t change last night,” says Clark, “They have the same sense of entitlement and lack of respect for tax dollars.”


“The Alberta Party is prepared to fight and win the by-election in Calgary Elbow. On September 6, we had over 100 volunteers door knocking and dropping brochures. Given that Prentice averaged less than 200 votes per riding on his leadership vote, I am confident we will be competitive.”


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