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100 day update

By Greg Clark

I am pleased to issue the third report on our progress against the measures outlined in the business plan for the Alberta Party called 2020 Vision, our two-election strategy to earn the trust of Albertans and form government by the year 2020

The first 100 days since I was elected leader have been a time of significant growth for the party. We hired staff, built Constituency Associations and significantly exceeded our fundraising targets. I am particularly pleased by the number of individual donations we’ve received, many from first-time donors to the Alberta Party.

I am so proud of what our team has accomplished to date, and we’re just getting started. 2014 will be a building year for the Alberta Party as we continue to establish the processes and foundation that will put us in a position to elect MLAs in 2016.

The final third of the first 100 days of my leadership was dominated by our strong opposition to Bills 45 and 46, which stripped public sector unions of the right to arbitration, imposed a wage settlement and added harsh penalties for even threatening a strike, which the Alberta Party believes violates Albertans’ fundamental right to free speech.

Our response was forceful and immediate; we issued a news release, I wrote a blog about Bills 45 and 46 and I spoke to a rally from the steps of the Alberta Legislature.

In addition to our action on these bills I continued to build the party by traveling the province to meet with Albertans, listen to their vision for our province and discuss ideas about how we can get there.

I will continue to keep you and all Albertans informed about our progress throughout the year. The Alberta Party Board of Directors will establish quarterly targets for 2014 to ensure we have clear, ambitious but achievable goals that will guide our activities. We will remain transparent in reporting our progress against our targets so all Albertans can hold us accountable for our performance. 

We will continue to communicate with you but please also stay in touch with us. You can reach me on my personal email, follow me on Twitter or contact me through our Facebook page.

Thank you again for your support.




The following is an update on the outstanding items planned for the first 60 days of my leadership:





“2020 Vision” approved by the Board of Directors


Approved unanimously at the December 7, 2013 board meeting

Start CA creation process


Constituency Association ‘Quick Start’ guide completed.


The following is an update on the 2020 Vision targets for the first 100 days:




Achieve fundraising goal for first 100 days


Achieved 170% of fundraising goal in the final portion of first 100 days, which brings us to 120% of the 100 day target

Complete website redesign; ready for launch in January 2014


Website design complete, ready for launch in January 2014

Complete technology review


Technology review completed, committee established to evaluate alternatives to meet operational and election-readiness requirements

Complete “meet the leader” sessions in each region


Held formal sessions in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer, toured Southern Alberta. Northern Alberta tour deferred to 2014.

Continue member outreach process; build CAs


There are 12 active Constituency Associations at the end of the first 100 days, which is two more than the goal of 10.

Continue direct fundraising appeal


Sent direct fundraising emails through the holiday season; resulted in significant support. 

First draft of 2014 summer festival calendar; start planning attendance



Establish regular meetings between leader and Regional Reps and policy committees


Met regularly with existing policy committees, chairs and Regional Reps.

Start process of building internal research capacity


Created internal research database.



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